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Procession of the Easter Riders

Highlights 2015

25. January
Birds Wedding (Vogelhochzeit - Ptači kwas)

An important Sorbian cultural tradition - Performances in the German-Sorbian Theatre for children and adults from mid-January


8. - 14. February
34th Sachsen Choir Leaders seminar with supporting fringe programme open to the public


Sorbischer Ostereiermarkt28. February - 1. March
Colorful Sorbian Easter Egg Market with ”The most beautiful Sorbian easter Egg“ Exhibition

Inspect the eggs and learn Sorbian egg decoration techniques as well as helping to choose ”The most beautiful Sorbian Easter Egg“ in the Sorbian House.


Prozession der Osterreiter

03. - 06. April
Easter in Bautzen

Traditional German-Sorbian Easter Celebration with colourful Easter customs
- Decorating Sorbian Easter Eggs
- Easter Riders Procession
- Egg Rolling on Bautzen’s Protschenberg – always a great
  attraction for thousands of visitors
- Easter Folk festival on the Schützenplatz


2. May
Pub Tour - Live 2015






Tag der Vereine, Teil des Bautzener Frühlings29. - 31. May
1013th Bautzen Spring Festival

Traditional Bautzen City Festival with a colourful Cultural Programme and
“Clubs and Societies Day.“


25. June – 02. August
20th Bautzen Theater Summer

Open-air theatre spectacular performed against the backdrop of the historic Ortenburg ”MY FAIR LADY“ by Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe 

Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheaters Bautzen



18. July - 13. SeptemberBautz'ner Senfwochen 2012
10th Bautzen Mustard Weeks

Original Bautz´ner mustard specialities – mild – spicy – hot – served in restaurants around the city




28. - 31. August
22th Bautzen ”Water Art“ Festival Wasserkunstfest

Music, Puppet Theatre shows, Book Readings, Flea market, and much more, all located at Bautzen’s landmark ”Wasserkunst“ Tower.


13. September
Day of the Open Monuments

Theme: "Historical Places of Enjoyment". Listed buildings which are not normally open to the public open their doors to visitors. At the same time "Bautzen – a living historical monument" takes place, where historical houses are brought to life.


Eröffnung der Bautzener Unternehmertage
Bautzen Business Enterprise Days

Co-operation, information and sales exhibitions at Bautzen’s Schützenplatz, this is the business meting point of the region.



19. September
21th Bautzen Autumn Choral Singers

Choirs from the Lausitz sing in a number of locations throughout the city


Mann mit Fisch 26. September - 8. November
Lausitz Fish Weeks

Events and Culinary attractions in the region around Bautzen connected with fish from the Lausitz






7. November

Shopping Experience Evening by candlelight

Bautzener Weihnachtsmarkt27. November - 20. Dezember
630th Bautzen Christmas Market

With a wide-ranging cultural programme in the romantic surroundings of Bautzen’s Old City centre.

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