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Bautz'ner Mustard made by Develey from Kleinwelka

Trading Estate Bautzen-East


  • 308,500 m², can be extended up to the motorway A4

Present tenants include:

  • Business centre including the shopping centre "Marktkauf", "Roller" (furniture discount shop), trading establishment (partner for technology), "WKT  Dämmstoffe"(production of insulating materials), "Schöne" medical engineering ", etc.
  • Service centre witch includes postal distribution centre, Testing and Research Laboratories
  • TÜV (TUEV Head office),  Wobst freight forwarding and distribution, etc.
  • manufacturing plants and craft establishments such as Edding, track laying company Gleisbau Bautzen, Elektro Matthes, Druckerei Schleppers (Schleppers printing)

Available Area:

  • Sub-area "Baschuetzer Strasse": ca. 1,470 m² 
  • Sub-area to the north of the "Kreckwitzer Strasse: ca. 60,000 m²


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Heike Raue
Municipal administration Bautzen
Economic Development Office

Fleischmarkt 1
02625 Bautzen
Phone: +49 (0) 3591 / 534-590/-91
Facsimile: +49 (0) 3591 / 534-599
E-Mail: wirtschafts-