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Newspapers and Magazines

The Domowina-Publishers stock all Sorbian newspapers and magazines. The High-Sorbish daily newspaper "Serbske Nowiny", the Nether-Sorbian weekly newspaper "Nowy Casnik", the monthly magazine for Sorbian culture "Rozhlad", the monthly children's magazine "P omjo", the pedagogic specialist magazine "Serbska šula", the magazines "Katolski Poso?" for the Catholics and "Pomhaj Bóh" for the Protestant Sorbs. The Sorbian magazine "Le(topis" is also stocked at Domowina-Publishers.

Domowina-Publishers / Ludowe nakładnistwo Domowina
Tuchmacherstraße 27
02625 Bautzen
Phone 0 35 91 / 57 70
Develops, binds and sells Sorbian literature, for example: contemporary Sorbian fiction and children's literature, works of the cultural heritage, scientific and popular scientific literature about the Sorbs, school books and pedagogic literature.

MDR/ Provincial Radio Station, Studio Bautzen / Serbski rozhłós
Postplatz 2
02625 Bautzen
Phone 0 35 91 / 4 30 66
The studio in Bautzen transmits High Sorbian on weekdays between 5 and 8 o'clock and takes over from the Cottbus Radio Station and transmits Nether-Sorbian between 12 and 13 o'clock. On Sundays and public holidays, a programme is transmitted between 11 and 14 o'clock, half being in High Sorbish and the other half in Nether-Sorbish.

Lausitzer Druck- und Verlagshaus /Serbska ćišćernja
Töpferstraße 35
02625 Bautzen
Phone 0 35 91 / 3 73 70
A firm, which specialises in printing Sorbian products.

Sorbian-Film-Studio / Serbska filmowa skupina
Postplatz 2
02625 Bautzen
Phone 0 35 91 / 4 45 79
The studio produces primary short and documentary films about the present life of the Sorbs, important personalities and about the centre of the cultural heritage. Other than that, the monthly Nether-Sorbish magazine "?užica" is produced for ORB - East German Radio Brandenburg.