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Bautzen and the Oberlausitz are favourite destinations for cycle touring. A comprehensive, well organized regional cycle touring network of about 3000 km with routes suitable for all requirements and varieties of terrain is a joy to the hearts of all touring cyclists.

Immediately in the environs of the city of Bautzen you can find the long distance cycle routes “Spree Cycle Route“ and ”Sachsen’s Historic City Route“

1. River Spree Long distance Cycle route

Spree-RadfernwegThe Spree cycle route connects the source of the river Spree in the Oberlausitz mountains with Berlin, the country’s capital city. Along a route of about 295 km you will cross, amongst other places, the Oberlausitz hills, Bautzen, the Oberlausitz lake-and- heath land – a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, Spremberg, Cottbus, the Spree forest with the towns of Lübben and Lübbenau and travel right up to Berlin’s door.

In the environs of the city of Bautzen the route from the hills in the South passes directly along the banks of the river Spree. In the shadow of ancient trees there are countless wonderful views of the wild, romantic river.
The route passes under the railway viaduct and the “Friedensbrücke“ (Peace Bridge) past the medieaval houses of the “Fischergasse“ a narrow cobbled street along the river.
Immediately behind this, the historic centre of Bautzen rises on a great granite plateau above the river, with the landmark buildings of the “Alte Wasserkunst“ and the “Michaeliskirche“ above you.

Sadtführung per RadFor short visits without overnight accomodation there are special secure cycle lockers for your cycle and luggage directly uner the „Alte Wasserkunst“. An information table gives you directions to the most important places of interest in the city.

On foot you can make your way past sagenumwobenen Hexenhäuschen up the granite steps of the Eselberg into the city. Another route leads you through the ancient „Mühltor"

By bicycle it is better to travel over the „Scharfenweg“ bridge then up the „Scharfenweg“ and over the „Peace Bridge“ into the city centre.

Der Spreeradweg führt unterdessen weiter über die Mühlstraße, unterhalb von Ortenburg und Nikolaikirchenruine am Spreebogen entlang, vorbei an der JVA Bautzen in Richtung Wohngebiet Gesundbrunnen. Kurz vor der nördlichen Stadtgrenze gelangen Sie zum Bautzener Stausee.

The Spree Cycle route itself leads you further via the Mühlstraße, underneath the „Ortenburg“ and ruins of the Nikolai Church round a tight bend of the Spree, past the JVA Bautzen in the direction of the residential area of the city known as Gesundbrunnen. Shortly before the northern boundary of the city you reach the Bautzen freshwater reservoir.

2. „Sachsen’s Historic City Route“

Sächsische StädterouteRAdtouristen in der Sadt Bautzen„Sachsen’s Historic City Route“ takes you approximately 120 km from Hermsdorf, just East of Dresden, via Kamenz to Bautzen and on to Löbau and Görlitz.

Riding from the West you arrive in Bautzen via Schmochtitz and Temritz. You first enter the urban area in Seidau, where the route winds its way through narow lanes and crosses the River Spree. After that the route takes you along the foot of a great granite cliff, which rises on your left hand side. From here you have an excellent view of the buildings of the Ortenburg“ and the ruins of the Nikolai Church standing high above the Spree. The route finally leads up into the city cente via the steep, cobbled Gerberstraße.

The Oberlausitz by bicycle

Discover „The Oberlausitz by bicycle“ – This new seal of approval guarantees high service quality on everything connected with cycling in the Oberlausitz. You can rent bikes without fuss at any time from all certified partners and return them to the same place or to any other certified partner. The flexibility of the pick up and luggage transfer service is just one of the many advantages which the Oberlausitz offers for holidaymakeers and leisure cyclists.

For more detailed information:

A city tour of Bautzen by bike!

Discover the thousand year history of the city of Bautzen from viewpoints which otherwise remain hiden to many visitors. With a bicycle on tour high over the river Spree and also along the river valley, our route around the city will lead you to the most historically interesting places.

Duration: 2,0 - 2,5 hours
Distance: c. 10 km
Profil: challenging
Group price for up to 10 people:  60,00 €
each additional person: 3,00 €
Maximum number: 15 Personen 
Minimum age:   12 years
Bicycle rental: On enquiry
Information and booking:
Tourismus GmbH Land und Leute
Dr.-Wilhelm-Külz-Straße 1
02977 Hoyerswerda
Telephone +49 35 71 / 40 80 30
Fasimile +4935 71 / 40 80 31
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