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German-Sorbian Folk Theatre

The only binational theatre. Through the Sorbian folk theatre, the first occupational stage emerged in 1948. In 1963, the Sorbian theatre and the Bautzen Town Theatre (which was founded in 1796) amalgamated to Deutsch Sorbisches Volkstheater - Frontansichtbecome the German-Sorbian Folks Theatre. After the closing-down and the demolition of the earlier theatre on the Lauengraben in 1975, the new theatre opened up where it is today. Theatre scenes in German and Sorbian (simultaneous translation), High and Nether-Sorbian scenes, as well as acts in other parts of the Lusatia. Since 1996, there have also been successful open-air concerts such as the Bautzen Summer Theatre in the yard at the Ortenburg. A puppet theatre was added and it too does acts in both German and Sorbish.

Seminarstraße 12
Phone: 0 35 91 / 58 42 73
Facsimile: 0 35 91 / 58 42 78


Sorbian National Ensemble

Sorbian National Ensemble

An important professional folklore-ensemble with the Spartan Orchestra, choir and dancing. Due to many tournaments abroad, the Ensemble has been to over 40 different countries. There are approximately 210 acts a year, half of them being in the Lusatia. Yearly traditional acts at the time of "Vogelhochzeit"/Zapust (birds wedding). Special Sorbian cultural programmes for large meetings and folk festivals. Tours and extra acts for tour groups can be arranged.

Äußere Lauenstraße 2
Phone 0 35 91/ 35 80
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