City Logo of Bautzen
aerial view of the historic city centre

Coat-of-Arms (Crest

The shield consists of the coat-of-arm´s figures, which are resented on a colourful background. The primary colours are red, green, blue, yellow, black and white. When splendidly furnished, yellow and white are embossed as gold and silver (metals). The helmet appears in various forms, depending on the century  (between 13th and 15th century as a clasp helmet, tub helmet, etc.) The helmet´s  adornation is made up of precious materials (feathers, wings, horns etc.), in which the shield is often repeated. From the 13th century onwards, a three-leafed crown appears between the helmet and the adornment. The helmet cover forms a tendril-like frame around the shield. When colourfully represented, the helmet cover shows the colours of the crest.

Description of the Coat-of-Arms
StadtwappenThe shield is not only the centre-piece of the crest, but also its oldest part. The crest is depicted by the shield with its wall of gold or yellow battlements, which cover half the shield. Above the wall is a blue field. In the heraldic language is said: "Amidst the blue, a golden wall with 3 battlements." The wall consists of 5 brick layers, including the battlements. One of the 3 battlements stands in the very centre of the shield, the left and right ones leaning accordingly on the sides of the shield. The wall is made up of 19 stones which are lined up horizontally and are combined by back rivets. Eleven of the stones are partially hidden by the sides of the shield, including the 2 outer battlements. The clasp helmet is placed above the shield, slightly to the right. The helmet cover carries the 3-leaved crown. A heraldic ribbon ascends from the helmet cover, which again forms a tendril-like frame around the shield. The helmet´s adornments consist of an eagle with partially spread wings, which too leans slightly to the right. The battlements are depicted in the wings of the eagle. The adornments and the tendrils carry the colours of the crest.